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W.K Services offer professional domestic tree care services and commercial tree surgery services to homeowners, landlords, organisations and local authorities. 


We offer specialist advice and free consultations in all areas of Wirral and Chester by a fully qualified arborist.


As tree surgeon specialists, W.K Services offers a range of tree surgery services including tree felling, tree pruning, hedgerow management, tree planting and ongoing tree maintenance programmes.


Using our green policy and code of practice, we protect as many trees as possible and only carry out surgery on trees that need care or a helping hand.


If you need help to recognise if your tree needs work, or if you need a tree looked at; book our tree surgeons for a free quotation today.


We cover:


Tree felling, tree pruning, crown lifting, crown reductions, planked timber rustic furniture can be made to order, site clearances have cscs cards for commercial sites.


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Tree Felling

Although as a last resort, and it is necessary to completely remove a tree, usually referred to as ‘felling’.

Where space allows, a tree can be felled from the ground; though more often than not, in the urban environment, it will need to be accomplished carefully in what is known as ‘dismantling’, where the tree is taken apart, piece by piece to avoid damage to surrounding property.

Weed Control

We have both the skills and a full range of specialist tools for helping keep your hedges in good condition. Some of the most common  hedgerow species in Wirral like Leyland Cypress and Lawson Cypress grow extremely fast and require regular cutting.

New anti-social behaviour legislation can actually be used to target unkempt and overly high hedgerows, so it can be in your best interests to keep them well managed.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the removal of parts of the tree whether they be diseased, dying or dead, potentially dangerous, or simply healthy branches that are removed for cosmetic reasons.

Anyone can cut branches off a tree, but to do so in a sympathetic and safe way requires expertise and a good understanding of tree biology.

Conservation Awareness

Before you do any work on a tree, you should contact Wirral Tree Surgeons to find out if the tree is protected by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order); is subject to planning conditions; if it is in a conservation area or subject to other planning constraints.

Wirral Tree Surgeons ensures that all the work we carry out adheres to local authority guidelines and applicable laws.


After the initial tree felling, we can provide a milling service.  Enquire via a call or email to discuss!


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